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Progress without pain –
Juliana von Wendt Foundation for the Promotion of Science Without Animal Experimentation

Juliana von Wendt Foundation, founded in 1971, is a Finnish charity, which supports humane methods of scientific and medical research. The Foundation awards yearly grants to Finnish researchers developing and applying non-animal methodology in a wide range of fields including toxicity testing, cancer research, surgery, antibody production, computer assisted drug modelling, tissue culture techniques, higher education etc. Methods replacing exceptionally harmful use of animals are prioritised, as well as projects, which are most relevant for human or animal welfare. From 1996 onwards, the Foundation has awarded The Scandinavian Research Prize for Alternatives to Animal Experiments together with the funds of Sweden and Denmark.

Besides funding research, Juliana von Wendt Foundation is promoting alternatives to animal research by many other ways, especially by informing scientists and university students about the modern, humane methods. To facilitate the research of human diseases and finding cure for them, the fund has taken to use the Humane Research Donor Card. By signing the card anybody can donate his/hers tissues to medical research and thereby give help to other humans and reduce the use and suffering of laboratory animals.

Address: Suvilahdenkatu 4, 00500 Helsinki, FINLAND
Tel. +358-50-3246 923
E-mail: jvws @
Donations: Nordea Bank (1745);
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